Why we are the best crowdsourcing platform?

there is following resaon amke us different and unique:

Instant support
We offer 24/7 instant support for both workers and employees
Best job experience
More than 50 job categories for your skills

What is Nanotaskers?

Nanotaskers is online platform that connects Employers and Workers from around the world.

Its sign up free?

Yes sign up service is free for both Employers and Workers.

What countries are supported?

We are global crowdsourcing platform, we accept all countries around the world.

Who are Employers?

Employers are business owners who need help growing their bussines.

Who are Workers?

Workers are freelancers around the world who done small tasks for Employers and make money.

Do I need to make two separate accounts if I want to be Employer and Worker?

No. One account is enough, you can choose between Employer and Worker.

How many accounts can I have?

  • Each person can only create one account. A user can be both, a Worker and an Employer at the same time.

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